Balsitis Contracting will give you not only a home that you can be proud of but a home that because of the attention to detail & quality construction will be there for generations to come. Joey is extremely conscientious about getting the job done efficiently without sacrificing quality. A true and refreshing pleasure to work with. Given an extremely difficult situation to enter into with faulty & potentially catastrophic construction on our newly built home by another contractor, Joey was hired to mend it. This was not an easy task considering all of the unknowns that lay ahead. I can say with genuine gratitude he was able to handle it with professionalism and knowledge to give us back the dream home that we had envisioned. I give Balsitis Contracting a platinum 5 star rating. - Carol

Joey is incredibly professional. He has worked on several homes that I have sold or for my buyer clients. Stand up, professional, high-quality work! -Brian

Both personally and professionally we have worked with a number of contractors. Our most impressive experience was with Balsitis Contracting. Joey and his team were personally involved in the project all along the way. We are a very complicated and detailed total renovation. Because of a HomeOwners Association the project also involved much paperwork and processes to follow. No matter what difficulty or hindrance came up, Balsitis Contracting did not hesitate to work through it and solve the problem. Because of joey's diligence the project came in on time with the promised, honest, and open pricing. Joey, or his team members communicated with us daily to the point we think them as part of the family (the positive part!) All the punch items were taken care of quickly which is rare when a project is considered “done” we knew we made the right contractor choice when we loved our finished home. That right choice was again confirmed a couple of months after the project as completed. Joey was over for a different consult, when he noticed an imperfection in the job that he couldn't live with- we said it as “fine”. Joey said “no that isn't right.” He had fixed and replaced within days. That shows Balsitis Contracting is a company that you can rely on and trust. We always will - Tom & Amy

Joey has been a pleasure to work with and our gorgeous new fireplace is the focal point of our living room! We love it and highly recommend Balsitis Contracting - Cody & Kimberly

Having worked with Joey Balsitis and his team on a number of different projects, they are one of the most professional, transparent and customer-focused companies we’ve ever worked with. Their expertise, attention to detail, and hands-on approach are all tremendous assets on every project. Joey’s willingness to help our clients implement even the smallest personal design elements means the end result is not only a perfect reflection of what our clients wanted...but also way more than they ever expected. Always looking to do things the right way, we could not ask for a better design/build partner than Balsitis Contracting. - Phillip The Design Coach

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