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2020 Style Inspiration: Nordic Style

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Ever heard of New Nordic Style? it's a thing. And its written all over 2020's new interior trends.

Images by Anders Bergstedt

Think "Scandinavian Style". That is what New Nordic Style really is. New Nordic takes the scandinavian style and makes it more nuanced with its woody pallets, sleek styles and earthy tones. Like what you're reading or seeing so far? If so, here is some inspiration from what's trending in 2020 to accomplish that Nordic look!

Add Texture to the Living room

Image by Sesha Smith, Convey Studios

Colors and designs tend to be kept pretty simple so adding texture to the living room by piling up the cushions and throws with different textures- the more the better.

Textured Bedding

Images found on My Scandinavian Home via Entrance

Linen is where it's at. From whites, to soft greys or beige, the washed out look gives an effortless feel of a Nordic Style. When you think about this style, think minimalism, earthy, textured, balanced, simple.

Mix & Match Natural Materials

Images by Niki Brantmark- My Scandinavian Home

Another way of adding texture to the space is to add different types of natural materials. Adding wicker, seagrass, hemp, leather, brass, copper, etc works well with the space, especially when the color is on the lighter side.

Add the Greens!

Images by Katie Tyler / Branch Abode

Who doesn't love adding some green to their home? There are many indoor plants that not only add a natural glow to the space but also purifies the air as well- a win, win! With the light tones and natural accents, adding some greenery is sure to go along well with the Nordic Style.

Go Light or Go Bold and Dark

Images by Bo-Laget

The cool quality about the Nordic Style is that you can choose to go dark or stay light. The natural tones, linens, wooden floors, and greenery keeps the space still light and simple. So, take a leap of faith, if you so desire, and try out dark cabinets or dark walls!

Unique Lighting Styles

Images by Clearcut Factory

If you look into the history of Nordic countries, they have long and dark winter months so it comes to no surprise that they would have a lot of lighting. They favor long hanging pendants, unique designs, and many different lighting styles for each room. This is definitely a way to use creativity to add a "wow" factor in your home.

Images by Helle Rye

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